“I'm not spending lives to save my own.”
— Faison to Ignatio Delgado shortly before his death.

Major Faison was a Company Grade Officer in the UNSC Marine Corps. He served as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper aboard the UNSC Midsummer Night.[2]


He was the second-in-command of First Lieutenant Canfield, and took over after Canfield's death on board the Finnegan's Wake. Thanks to Lieutenant Jacob Keyes, Faison and most of the ODST squad made it off the freighter alive. Faison expressed his gratitude to Keyes by giving him an ODST tattoo.

Later, Faison led the Orbital Drop Shock team in the combat at The Rubble on board a Kig-Yar ship and was shot in the thigh by a Jackal as he turned a corner. He refused to waste time getting himself to a medical facility after Ignatio Delgado insisted that he could keep him alive. Faison ordered Delgado to trade his pistol for his BR55 Service Rifle, and told him to leave and not to get help. Despite this, Delgado asked for Jai to come retrieve Faison. Faison remained behind, and later died at the hands of Zhar, a Covenant Elite. The Elite had turned the corner, not noticing the injured Faison who was lying against the wall, and took a round to his shields before firing back a bolt of plasma which went right through Faison's head. Immediately afterward, Jai arrived and fought with Thel 'Vadamee, but left when he saw that Faison was already dead. The Marine's body was left there.


  • Keyes had remarked that Faison was "an insane Marine." Faison did not help this case when he gathered a few of his men, attacked Keyes, and bound him before giving him the ODST tattoo.
  • He has a knife with the words "Bug-Hunter" etched into it, a reference to Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, or the movie Aliens when Hudson stated "...or another Bug hunt?"[3]
  • Faison almost fell off the building while coming out of his HEV, during the rescue of Lieutenant Keyes prior to the battle of Charybdis IX.
  • It is odd that during the raid on the Finnegan's Wake, he is a Second Lieutenant, and then suddenly a Major after the battle. While it is likely that he was promoted for his actions, it is odd how many ranks he ascended.
    • It is also odd that Keyes (who was then a Lieutenant), would be in charge of Faison, a Major, which is the equivalent of a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. However, Faison may have simply deferred to Keyes out of respect for the leadership he had shown during the Finnigan's Wake incident.
    • However, Keyes was acting captain following the death of Commander Dmitri Zheng, meaning that the Major perhaps had to follow his orders due to protocol.



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