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“I know they will come in force to challenge me, but I will not turn away from them. I will answer their call.”
— Fal 'Chavamee

Fal 'Chavamee was a Sangheili of the Covenant Empire who served as an Arbiter and as the leader of his clan[1] roughly four centuries before the Human-Covenant war.[2]


Life as the general of the Covenant army[]

Fal was an Arbiter, which, at the time, was a rank of privilege within the Covenant. He was a Sangheili of loyalty and honor. However, he believed that his people had strayed from their honor and fought only for power. He denied the Great Journey, proclaiming it to be a lie. For his disbelief, he was declared a heretic. Soon after, a contingent of Covenant Sangheili was dispatched to eliminate him. Fal traveled by boat to meet them, after which his skill with a blade defeated the Sangheili force. After the battle, he was the only being left standing.

Duel with Haka[]

Because Fal was declared a heretic, Haka, a member of Fal's clan, took advantage of the event. In an attempt to provoke and defeat Fal, Haka forced one of Fal's closest friends (Roh) to murder Fal's wife, Han. Fal came back home after the battle to find Roh and Han's bodies. When he found Han, he was in so much grief he let out a cry of deep sorrow.[1] He then swiftly moved to accept Haka's challenge, brutally plowing his way through an entire Covenant Army to reach his wife's murderer. When Fal finally met Haka atop a Forerunner structure, the duel began. It only lasted for several seconds. The Sangheili circled each other for a bit and then, in the blink of an eye, attacked. Fal's whole upper torso was slashed open, gushing blood out, while Haka was stabbed in the midsection. They both died by each other's hands, with Haka collapsing first. Fal's last thoughts before dying were the memories of his wife.[1]


Before Fal's actions, the rank of Arbiter was considered to be one of great standing and appurtenance. Fal's heresy led the Prophets to declare that the rank of Arbiter would thenceforth be one without honor, given to those who could be useful to them as a last chance to regain their lost honor before death. Thus, it became a symbol of martyrdom and suicidal devotion to the Covenant cause, unlike Fal.




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