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Faraday Base was the main UNSC military outpost on Draetheus V. It was extremely exposed to attack, situated between a dense expanse of vegetation and a large rock plateau, only protected by a system of defense turrets which took time to bring online.[1]


Battle of Draetheus V

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During the Covenant's attack on Draetheus V, the base was initially unaware, as the planet's magnetic field rendered communication with the moon impossible. However, Spartan Palmer managed to leave X50 and warn the base.

After warning it, she was deployed to protect the base's blast doors from a Covenant attack from the forested area to its north. Eventually, the base's sentry guns came online, after the attack was fended off by Palmer.

Later during the battle, after X50 had been activated, heavily damaging the planet, Palmer arrived at the base to find a few marines and staff from the base who'd taken up defensive positions in the western part of the facility. A Covenant attack soon ensued, but Palmer managed to secure multiple Elephants which she used to aid her evacuation efforts after freeing the survivors.



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