Fear the Pink Mist is a Halo 3 achievement represented by a pink circle with a Needler and five hearts surrounding the weapon. It is obtained by killing five enemies with a Needler, in a ranked, or free-for-all match or Campaign, making it one of the easiest achievements to get. It awards the player with five gamerpoints.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Pink Mist" is also a phrase from the film Jarhead, in which it is used to describe the effects of a headshot on a sniper's target. The target's brains and blood would shoot out of the exit wound on their head, causing a pink/red mist to stay in to air for a few seconds.
  • This is one of the first, easiest, and fastest achievements the player is able to obtain via campaign.
  • In Halo 3: ODST, the Pink and Deadly achievement is quite similar to this achievement, but instead of having to kill 5 enemies, the player must kill 10 enemies. They must be killed by the explosion, and they must be within the same level or without dying in Firefight.
  • The name of the achievement is a reference to the large pink explosion that occurs when Needler projectiles detonate on a target.
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