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Flag of the Federal Republic of Germany

The flag of Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany (Also known as Germany, and Deutschland to its inhabitants), is a country in West-central Europe. It is bordered on the north by the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea; on the east by Poland and the Czech Republic; on the south by Austria and Switzerland; and on the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Its capital is Berlin.

Location of Germany

The location of Germany in the EU (Dark Green)

In Halo[]

Nearly three centuries in the future, Germany had become known as the "Unified German Republic." During the Interplanetary War of the mid 22nd century, the German colonies in the Jovian Moons -under the control of the Frieden- became a major war zone during the Jovian Moons Campaign.

Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme, Essen was the place where CQB armor was researched and made. It's possible that Herzog was from Germany, along with many more UNSC Marines.

Administrative Divisions[]

All of the states in the FRG and their capitals.

State Capital
Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart
Bavaria (Bayern) Munich (München)
Berlin Berlin
Brandenburg Potsdam
Bremen Bremen
Hamburg Hamburg
Hesse (Hessen) Wiesbaden
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin
Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) Hanover (Hannover)
North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen) Düsseldorf
Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) Mainz
Saarland Saarbrücken
Saxony (Sachsen) Dresden
Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt) Magdeburg
Schleswig-Holstein Kiel
Thuringia (Thüringen) Erfurt

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