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Lieutenant Commander Fhajad-084[1] was a former SPARTAN-II candidate but was crippled by the augmentation process. He then was later assigned as an Office of Naval Intelligence data analyst.[2]

Personality and Description[]

Fhajad was a dark skinned male with good eyes and ears. As the Spartan children trained, Fhajad often acted as a scout. He fell into a close friendship with John-117 and Samuel-034 early on. Fhajad would likely have become the best tracking and scouting Spartan, but after he failed to make it through augmentations, he developed severe Parkinson's disease. He shook without control and was unable to walk, but his mind was seemingly undamaged. His tracking role would later be replaced by other Spartans like Anton-044.[3] He may be of Arab or Indian descent, judging by his name and dark skin.


Early Childhood[]

Fhajad-084 was abducted in 2517 at the age of six, after Dr. Catherine Halsey identified him as a perfect and flawless genetic match for the Spartan-II Program. He was replaced with a flash clone and abducted, finally ending up at Reach. He was then trained with the other Spartan children by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and Déjà.[4]

He participated in several Spartan training missions at Military Reservation 01478-B, the Military Wilderness Training Preserve, as well as the Highland Mountains.[5]


During his Spartan augmentation procedures at the ONI Medical Facility in 2525, Fhajad suffered from complications related to the fifth augmentation (superconducting fabrication of neural dendrites). No longer physically fit to serve the role of a Spartan, Fhajad was discharged from the Spartan-II program. He was relegated to a desk job at the Office of Naval Intelligence.[6]

Fhajad published a paper on Slipspace physics in 2540; it later appeared in the UNSC Astrophysics Journal. Commander Jacob Keyes, having remembered studying Fhajad with Dr. Halsey, saved this paper. When he commanded the UNSC Iroquois on patrol near Sigma Octanus IV, he reread this paper after noticing a Slipspace anomaly in the hourly report from Ensign William Lovell of the Remote Scanning Outpost Archimedes. This paper effectively gave the UNSC warning of the approaching Covenant forces, allowing Keyes time to conjure the Keyes Loop and gain the upper hand during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV.[7]