The Fifth Fleet was a Fleet in the UNSC Navy.

Service HistoryEdit

On January 20, 2548, Fleet Admiral Joseph Harper became the fleet's commanding officer.[2]

Build Up At SolEdit

Starting September 5, 2552, the Fifth Fleet was consolidated under an umbrella command grouping with the Home Fleet. However, Harper was allowed to continue to directly lead the fleet.[3]

On October 20, 2552 Earth-orbiting stations detected a Covenant fleet exiting Slipspace nearby. The planet was well defended, having received reinforcements all morning. Elements of the Fifth Fleet moved to engage beginning the Battle of Earth. While in an engagement with the Day of Jubilation, UNSC Feeling Lucky, was lost.[1]


On February 1, 2553, Joseph Harper ceased to be the fleet's commanding officer.[2]


October 2552Edit

In October 2552, it consisted of eight operational Marathon-class heavy cruisers and a further sixty-seven Stalwart-class light frigates.[1] Its flagship for the Battle of Earth was the UNSC Canberra.[3]



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