Finnegan's Wake was a freighter used by insurrectionists.[1]


The ship, along with some of the cargo crates in its hangar, was rigged with explosives. When a team of ODSTs and Lieutenant Jacob Keyes arrived on the ship via Pelican to make sure that the ship's navigation data had been deleted, the Insurrectionists detonated the crates.

The blast killed and wounded many ODSTs and blew a hole in the Pelican, injuring the pilot, Jefferson. Lieutenant Keyes realized that he had to get the surviving ODSTs out before the remaining explosives were detonated. However, Keyes realized that the Insurrectionists had initiated the emergency signal to bring the UNSC Midsummer Night to the Finnegan's Wake. Keyes also realized that the Insurrectionists were jamming the communications between his group and the Midsummer Night. Keyes ordered that the dead and wounded ODST' be loaded into two separate crates, and that a hole be blown in the side of the ship.

After they made a hole in the side of the ship, Keyes jumped out into space, maneuvering around using his gun until he was far enough away from Finnegan's Wake to contact the Midsummer Night. The remaining ODSTs followed Keyes, and once the Insurrectionists realized what was happening, they detonated Finnegan's Wake and the entire ship exploded, killing several ODSTs. However, Keyes and many of the ODSTs escaped and were rescued by the Midsummer Night.




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