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For the Halo: Reach gameplay element, see Fireteam (gameplay mechanic).

Marines in the Jungle

A Fireteam of UNSC Marines lead by Gunnery Sergeant Pete Stacker in the jungles of Kenya.

A Fireteam is a small United Nations Space Command infantry unit. It is the base upon which all other units of the UNSC Marine Corps and Army operate and is the UNSC equivalent to the Covenant File.


The concept of the fireteam is based on the need for tactical flexibility in infantry operations. They generally consist of approximately four troops, although they can include up to seven soldiers, and are grouped into squads.


A fireteam is capable of autonomous operations as part of a larger unit. Successful fireteam employment relies on quality small unit training for troops, experience of fireteam members operating together, sufficient communications infrastructure, and a quality non-commissioned officer to provide tactical leadership for the team.


Note: The number of troops, their armament, and their roles in the team may vary from fireteam to fireteam. For example, some teams may include a grenadier or a demolitions expert. The following is just an example.

Unscmarines jumped

A Fireteam of Marines during the Battle of Reach.

  • Fireteam Leader: First in command, provides tactical leadership. A fireteam can be led by a Sergeant in the UNSC Army or a Corporal in the UNSC Marine Corps, though a Lance Corporal can lead if there is no Sergeant. Usually wields an assault rifle or battle rifle, but Avery J. Johnson was known to sometimes carry a sniper rifle.
  • Scout/Designated Marksman: Looks out for any signs of hostile enemy forces. Would normally carry a scoped weapon such as the BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle but could possibly carry a sniper rifle. The M392 and M395 were specifically designed for this role.
  • Rifleman: The most common role in a fireteam. Several riflemen may be incorporated into a fireteam and in some situations is the only member needed. Usually carries an Assault rifle and provides suppressive fire for the team. They are the most common members of a fireteam; they are considered the backbone of operations for the UNSC infantry as a whole, as every other role exists to augment and support the rifleman's capabilities. The team leader is also normally a rifleman.
  • Specialist: For added firepower against many enemies or vehicles, this soldier or marine may carry a heavy weapon such as a rocket launcher or a light machine gun. In close-quarters battle or urban combat situations, a specialist may choose to wield a shotgun as opposed to a carbine or SMG.

Known Fireteams[]

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 8 Fireteam Majestic 1

SPARTAN-IV Fireteam Majestic on Requiem.

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