Fireteam is a gameplay mechanic found in Halo: Reach. With it, the player can recruit up to five UNSC Army, Militia, Marine and ODST troopers found through the campaign. These troopers will then follow the player throughout the level, and their status, name and rank is shown in the player's HUD next to the motion sensor. Each friendly combatant has a randomly assigned name and rank, which are not tied to their in-game character models.[1]

List of available charactersEdit

Name Call sign Named after
B. Abrahamsen CASH
R. Adams ICE Rob Adams
D. Aldridge DA David Aldridge
D. Allen EARF David Allen
S. Arganz SARG
C. Armstrong CARM Chad Armstrong
L. Bakken LARZ Lars Bakken
M. Baldwin BALD
J. Barnes JNTY Jonty Barnes
C. Barrett JEVN or POPE Chris Barrett
D. Bellbrook DRJE Dorje Seattle Bellbrook
P. Bertone BERO Paul Bertone
S. Bilas BILA
T. Brady TRAV Travis Brady
R. Broscovak RAY
M. Buelterman MIKE Mike Buelterman
T. Burlington TOMB Tom Burlington
B. Burns BUBU Burnie Burns
C. Butcher BUCI Chris Butcher
D. Candland OTTO David Candland
F. Capezzuto CAPI Frank Capezzuto
D. Carroll DERK Derek Carroll
D. Chan CHAN
H. Chen HAO Hao Chen
S. Chon CHON
J. Coombs JESS Jessie Coombs
S. Cotton CTFX Steve Cotton
C. Cowan CJ CJ Cowan
D. Dague DEEJ
T. Doyle TD Tom Doyle
D. Dunn DUNN David Dunn
M. Dyckhoff MAX Max Dyckhoff
M. O'Donnell MRTY Martin O'Donnell
C. Edwards EDWD
R. Ellis RYAN
E. Elton ERIC Eric Elton
J. Evans JEVN Jamie Evans
C. Errera LUWU Claude Errera
A. Firth FRTH
B. Fish FISH

Name Call sign Named after
M. Flieg FLIE
C. Foxglove CHAD
B. Frank TRUE
N. Gerrone NICK Nicholas Gerrone
D. Gasca GSCA David Gasca
Robert Glessner BOB Bob Glessner
M. Goldsworthy GOLD Mark Goldsworthy
C. Gough CHKY Charlie Gough
T. Green HATS Tyson Green
J. Griesemer GREI Jaime Griesemer
J. Hamrick JOSH Josh Hamrick
I. Hannaford HANN Isaac Hannaford
A. Harrison HARI Andrew Harrison
J. Hayward WARD Justin Hayward
J. Haywood WOOD James Haywood
M. Hoffman HOFF Mike Hoffman
M. Hullum Matt Hullum
D. Hunt HUNT David Hunt
P. Jandro PAT Pat Jandro
B. Jarrard SKCH Brian Jarrard
O. Jenkins OJ Ondraus Jenkins
C. Johnson CPAL C. Paul Johnson
J. Jones JJ Jason Jones
Jo. Jones JONE
S. Jones SAM Samuel Jones
P. Kauffman PHIL Philip Kauffman
P. Kotevski SEAL
Y. Lee YONG Yong Lee
P. Lewellen EGGS Paul Lewellen
R. Lico LICO Rick Lico
D. Lieber LEBR
A. Lieberman ARON Aaron Lieberman
L. Ling LING Ling-Ling
L. Ledwich LUKE
S. Lopez LPEZ Steve Lopez
M. Milota LOTA
K. Malcolm KENN Ken Malcolm
D. Matthews MATT Dave Matthews
T. McFarland TROY Troy McFarland
E. Mckenzie EAM Eamon McKenzie
L. McLeos LORA
R. McLeos ROBT
J. McQuillan BANG James McQuillan
M. Means MEAN Michael Means
S. Merrill SAGE Sage Merrill
J. Miner MINE
B. Morden Brian Morden
Name Call sign Named after
R. Nattam RAJ Raj Nattam
M. Noguchi GUCH Mat Noguchi
M. Noseworthy NOSE
E. Osborne URK Eric Osborne
J. Parks PARK James Parks
P. Parsons PETE Pete Parsons
D. Patrick DOUG
C. Pinard CINN Cameron Pinard
M. Priestley PRST Matt Priestley
A. Perez Adrian Perez
M. Phillips MARC
G. Ramsey GEOF Geoff Ramsey
S. Reddoch REDD
M. Richenburg RICH Matt Richenburg
J. Robertson JROB Jason Robertson
J. Rodgers JOSH Joshua Rodgers
P. Russel PAUL Paul Russel
H. Ryan GUNS Harold Ryan
C. Saint Girons CYRL
M. Sammons SAMM Matt Sammons
M. Segur SEGU Matt Segur
G. Serata GUSS
S. Shepherd SHEP Scott Shepherd
S. Scott SCOT Steve Scott
B. Sharp SHRP
L. Smith LUKE Luke Smith
G. Sorola GUSS Gustavo Sorola
D. Stammel STAM David Stammel
J. Staten STTN Joseph Staten
J. Sussman SUSS
C. Tchou CHOU Chris Tchou
B. Thompson THOM Will Thompson
M. Tigul TIPL
L. Timmins TIMM Luke Timmins
J. Toiga JOAN
J. Truman TRUM
J. Tung TUNG Joseph Tung
L. Villegas LUIS Luis Villegas
A. Volchik ARTM
P. Vosper VOSP Paul Vosper
S. Wang KAI Shi Kai Wang
S. Weasel SKIP
J. Weinland JAY Jay Weinland
J. Weisnewski NWSK Jon Weisnewski
R. Wetsig WETS Ranae Wetsig
T. Williams TIM Tim Williams
R. Wolfson WOLF Roger Wolfson
M. Zak ZAK Mike Zak


  • Sometimes, the call sign of a member of your fireteam will change to '360', possibly a mistake or more likely a reference to the Xbox.
  • Fireteams usually are not very good at following the player, and often are killed quickly on higher difficulties as they are not 'trained' to deal with the situations that the player will put them in.
  • Be careful of what weapons you swap with your fireteam, especially heavy weapons like rocket launchers. While the versatility of a squad wielding multiple types of weapons can make or break a situation, they can still kill allies or even the player on accident.
  • Some of the names are from notable individuals from the Bungie Community, such as Claude Errera and Rooster Teeth.


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