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Fireteam Apollo was a combat team of SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers of the UNSC. Apollo consisted of four members and was assigned to the UNSC Infinity. Akin to Fireteam Crimson, Apollo mainly consisted of new recruits.[1]

Service HistoryEdit

Alpha HaloEdit

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Prior to July 12, 2556 Fireteam Apollo was part of an Office of Naval Intelligence operation to the Installation 04 accretion plane around Threshold. There, they discovered the black box of the Undiminished Entelechy. However, the operation was a potential risk to UEG-Swords of Sanghelios relations. General of the Air Force R. Dellert reported the actions of Apollo to Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood.[2]

Placement on the UNSC InfinityEdit

As of September 1, 2558, Fireteam Apollo received a new recruit and was moved to the UNSC Infinity temporarily. The Fireteam leader was relieved of command and Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer was put in charge. They were to begin operations immediately at the behest of Palmer.[3]






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