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Fireteam Majestic is a team of Spartan-IV supersoldiers of the United Nations Space Command. Majestic, formerly consisting of five members, was assigned to the UNSC Infinity in early 2558 and fought on the Forerunner Planet Requiem.[1]

Operational History[]

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Requiem Campaign[]

At some point before 2558 the majority of Majestic were stationed in Rio de Janeiro on Earth. They were then transferred to the UNSC Infinity for deployment to the newly discovered Requiem. On February 7, 2558, Majestic participated in operations alongside several other Spartan and Marine fireteams.[2] In the days that followed, they were deployed once again to Requiem alongside Fireteam Crimson to clear a Forerunner facility of Promethean forces. Commander Palmer challenged the two fireteams to see who could complete their objective first, a challenge which Majestic swiftly accepted and promptly lost.[2] After Dr. Glassman's disappearance and Dr. Halsey's arrival on the ship, Majestic was again deployed to Requiem alongside Crimson, this time in search of Jul 'Mdama. Although Majestic didn't find him, they were called to Galileo's complex lab to assist Crimson in the defense of the lab against a Jul 'Mdama's Covenant assault. Thorne hi-jacked a Banshee and destroyed a nearby Phantom, which allowed Majestic to escape with the artifact using their Pelican. Back on Infinity members of Majestic provided security for the artifact and Halsey, where it was revealed that the artifact contained human memories, specifically, the memories of those who perished in the attack on New Phoenix six months prior.[3]

Disturbed by this revelation, Thorne approached the Translocation artifact recovered by Crimson, and was subsequently transported to Requiem's surface, where he was captured by a lance of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant Sangheili.[3] Thorne woke up sometime later, being dragged by two Sangheili, he then played opossum until Henry Glassman, who just escaped Jul 'Mdama, distracted the Sangheili, Thorne then killed both of the Sangheili. By this time, Gek 'Lhar remotely armed a bomb which was on the prisoners jacket worn by Glassman. Thorne quickly tore the jacket off, then threw it into a tunnel of pursuing Sangheili, killing them.[4] Thorne and Glassman then head to Galileo Base. About this time, Thorne's emergency transponder activated, alerting the rest of Fireteam Majestic to his location. After some hours of searching, they managed to find him engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a Sangheili known as Gek 'Lhar, with Glassman, now with a broken arm, lying some feet away. Seeing that Thorne was in danger, DeMarco quickly shot the Sangheili in the head, killing him instantly. As Thorne began to inspect the Sangheili's body, he discovered the Sangheili's Energy Sword, which he gave to Demarco, and his active camouflage unit, which he kept for himself. Not to be outdone, Madsen also looted the Sangheili's corpse, discovering a map of Requiem, much to his chagrin.[4]

As Majestic escorted Glassman to a Pelican to be transported back to Infinity, they were contacted by Captain Thomas Lasky, requesting the Spartans to rescue Dr. Halsey, who had been abducted by Jul and had been targeted for assassination by Commander Palmer. Majestic then doubleback towards Jul's hideout. Thorne got the Sangheili's attention by sneaking up in front of them with his camouflage unit, allowing Majestic to fire upon the aliens from the high ground, allowing Thorne to infiltrate the facility. Once inside, Thorne dispatched Jul's bodyguards, at same time Palmer arrived, prompting the Covenant leader to summon Promethean Knights to protect him. Palmer only managed to shoot Halsey in the shoulder before the rest of Majestic arrived and mopped up the Knights, only for a single Promethean to teleport Jul and Halsey away, but not before the latter passed her half of the Janus Key to Thorne.[5]

Upon his return to Infinity, Glassman determined that the projection device Majestic got from Gek showed two other translocation artifacts on Requiem that were linked to the one on Infinity, keeping the ship stuck in Requiem's orbit and deactivating them would free Infinity. Palmer agreed to work with Majestic to take out one of the artifacts while Crimson goes for the other. Unfortunately, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant began fleeing the planet as Jul had set Requiem to collide with the sun and take Infinity with it, forcing the Spartans to speed up their efforts. Though they encountered resistance from Sangheili guarding the artifact, Majestic managed to fight past them and accomplish their objective. The Spartans then quickly returned to Infinity, which then escaped into Slipspace before Requiem collided with the sun and went supernova.[6]

Pilgrims' Pride Incident[]

In the interim following the destruction of Requiem, DeMarco was transferred to Fireteam Bailey with Thorne replacing him as team leader at Palmer's request. DeMarco was later KIA along with the rest of Bailey in the Battle of Ealen IV, his death greatly affecting his former team.[7]

On March 8, 2558, Majectic deployed with Fireteams Colossus and Fenrir to invade the Pilgrims' Pride, a derelict ship that launched Sparrowhawks and Vultures to attack Infinity and its engines were set to self-destruct. Majestic were able to save the day by ejecting its drive core, where it exploded harmlessly.[7]



  • On February 8, 2558 Majestic soundly defeated Fireteam Castle in a War Games match.
  • Fireteam Majestic shares their collective emblem with Regicide's matchmaking playlist.
  • On Thorne's bio, it mistakenly shows Madsen on the top left corner.