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Fireteam Raven was a Fireteam of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers attached to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.[1][2]

Service HistoryEdit

Battle of Installation 04Edit

Pillar of AutumnEdit

Fireteam Raven was aboard the Autumn when it was attacked in the Battle of Installation 04. They fought through the ship and killed many Covenant soldiers that were onboard. Later they were tasked with bringing the ships' guns online. After reaching the guns, Fireteam Raven proceeded to defend The Pillar of Autumn from Type-26A Banshees . However, the guns were soon destroyed and soon they evacuated the ship on its descent down to the surface of Installation 04 .[3]

Later they were tasked with defending the ship from Covenant forces. They arrived via Warthog and managed to destroy several covenant vehicles in the process. Then they were tasked to prevent Covenant troops from getting inside the Autumn and retreiving any UNSC intel. They succeeded and managed to make Covenant forces retreat. Later the team was stationed at Alpha Base when it was suddenly under attack from Covenant forces. They managed to commandier shade turrets and take out several air units. Soon they were needed elsewhere and retreated from Alpha Base. Fireteam Raven was reassigned to support the attack on the control room of the installation. They fought many ground and air units as well as the flood. They soon had no choice but to retreat. Soon they crash landed and hold out until a Pelican arrived. They took out several land and air units as well as several Flood. Soon a Pelican arrived to extract them. Then their last mission was to defend the Autumn again until Master Chief blows it up. They took out several Covenant soldiers and vehicles along with the Flood. They managed to complete their objective but perished as the Installation exploded.[3]



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