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Fireteam Shadow is a unit consisting of Spartan-IVs. Shadow was one of three known Spartan contingent units aboard the UNSC Infinity during her mission to Requiem in summer of 2557.


On February 8, 2558 Shadow defeated Fireteam Wolf by 220 points in a 500 to 380 point match in a War Games simulation.[1]

First Battle of Requiem[]

Main article: First Battle of Requiem

During the First Battle of Requiem, Fireteam Shadow was deployed alongside Fireteam Castle to the interior surface of Requiem to draw enemy fire away from Gypsy Company and its heavily damaged Mammoth. After the destruction of the planet's gravity well, both Shadow and Castle returned to the UNSC Infinity.

Second Battle of Requiem[]

Main article: Second Battle of Requiem

Fireteam Shadow was still stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity during the Second Battle of Requiem. They made landfall on the interior of the planet on February 7, 2558 and took part in the initial landing operations. They continued to see action against Covenant and Promethean forces over the course of the next few weeks. Eventually they were dispatched to board and destroy a CRS-class light cruiser to stop Covenant forces from overwhelming Spartan Fireteam Crimson and Marine Fireteam Warbird, who were protecting a science detachment on the ground. Shadow successfully destroyed the ship and made it clear of the blast.