The Flag Kill medal is obtained by killing an opponent using a flag in your possession. It is represented by a white eight-pointed star with a red flag in the middle. In Halo 4, it is represented by a grey four-pointed star with a skull and white flag in the middle.


  • On your Halo 3 Career Stats at, the description for the flag is 'It's right next to the headlight fluid'. This is an homage to the series Red vs Blue, where the Red Team sends the rookie, Donut, on a fool's errand for elbow grease and headlight fluid. Instead, he mistakenly goes to Blue Base and takes their flag.
  • The medal is generally received with a Beat Down or Assassin medal, but can also be earned by attacking an enemy with a delayed weapon and grabbing the flag before it hits the target. Methods for this include slow moving projectiles, such as Rockets, or using grenades.


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