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The Flaktura Workshop Heavy Speargun, commonly known as the Skewer, is a Brute-manufactured sniper rifle/rocket launcher hybrid utilized by Banished forces.[1] It is equipped with recon sight that can scope in for long-range shots, as well as a frontal bayonet to grant it extra melee capacity.


“Kinetic weapon that shoots a single, high damage spike. ”

— In-game description

The Skewer combines the functionality of a sniper rifle with the form factor of a rocket launcher. When wielded by Brutes, the weapon is often held similarly to a large assault rifle. However, when wielded by the player, its heft sees it rested over the shoulder like an M41 SPNKr. The gun seems to operate off of a unique tension-based launching mechanism, which differs from the standard gunpowder ignition system seen in most other UNSC and Banished weapons. Each projectile 'spike' is manually inserted into a slot in the barrel's mouth, and then fastened into the weapon's firing mechanism via a lever atop the main chassis. When the weapon is fired, a piston on the stock propels the spike forward at incredible speed. The weapon, due to lacking a magazine, must be reloaded every time it is fired. Additionally, the bayonet on the front of the weapon grants additional melee damage, capable of destroying most shields—even those of Elites and overshielded Brutes—in a single stab.

The large projectile of the weapon is extremely powerful, capable of killing large targets in single shots. The only things it can't destroy with a direct hit are particularly large vehicles, such as the Wraith and Phantom, and over-shielded enemies, whom can tank a single shot without dying.

When wielded by Banished units, the weapon adopts unique properties. It is not guaranteed to kill the Player in a single hit, although damage is still significant. Additionally, enemy spikes fire in a noticeably more severe arc in comparison to the mostly-straight path player projectiles fire in.

Volatile Skewer[]

A unique white-painted variant of the Skewer can be unlocked by assassinating Ik'Novus the Devourer. The Volatile has identical stats to its standard counterpart, however the spikes will detonate immediately upon striking an enemy or vehicle, and after a very brief delay upon striking a surface.



  • If the player sets up a custom game with Bottomless Clips enabled, the Skewer is revealed to have an amusingly fast rate of fire, something that can't be seen normally due to its need to reload every shot.
  • Although the weapon's description states that it is a "kinetic" weapon despite being in the Power ammo class, this descriptor is actually referring to the weapon's launching mechanism, which, as previously stated, uses a spring-loaded piston (potential energy) to propel the spike forward (kinetic energy).