The Flame Warthog is an M12B Force Application Vehicle variant designed by Morgan Kinsano.[2]


The Flame Warthog is a variation of the standard warthog which is only available to Morgan Kinsano, the Flame Hog is available at HQ Tech Level 2 in the Garage, replacing the Warthog. Instead of a chain gun operated by a marine, the Flame Hog has a mounted flamethrower operated by a Hellbringer. In order to combat air units the Flame Warthog has a marine with a rocket launcher in the passenger seat. At HQ Tech Level 3 the player can upgrade the Flame Hog with an incendiary grenade launcher for 750 power, this increases the damage and range just like the standard Warthog's Gauss Cannon upgrade.[3]


The Flame Hog costs 280 supply, making it just a little more expensive than the standard version. Unlike the normal Warthog, the Flame Hog is less effective against vehicles and aircraft due to the flamethrower. As a result it is best used in an anti-infantry role. Kinsano has a leader ability called "Flame Warthog Drop" which deploys three veteran flame hogs onto the battlefield. This can be used to hot drop additional forces onto the battlefield. In Strongholds, this ability can be used at the beginning of the round to get an early edge against other players who only have access to infantry. Do note that Spartans can hijack the Flame Hogs, Goliaths can do heavy damage, the Shipmaster's and Arbiter's Grunt squads can use active camouflage and Anders has access to Protector Sentinels.[3]



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