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A Fleet is a large, permanent organization of starships. Fleets are usually relatively large and manned by thousands of individuals on what is normally hundreds of ships. Though the size of Fleets vary, UNSC and Covenant Fleets are very different.

UNSC Fleets[]

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UNSC fleets are massive divisions of UNSC ships. UNSC Fleets usually consist of large numbers of frigates and destroyers, escorting a handful of larger carriers and Cruisers. These fleets also usually have at least one Prowler to act as the Fleet's eyes and ears and to also serve as saboteurs. Fleets are given a simple, numerical designation. Similar to the Covenant Fleet, UNSC warships can rely on Phoenix-class colony ships for ammo, repairs and food. This allowed the fleets to maintain themselves for a very long period of time. And since fights against the Covenant can be extremely resource exhaustive, due to the added layer of shields in the Covenant's defenses, being under a constant supply stream is an imperative tactic.

Smaller UNSC groups of ships are called Battle Groups.

It should be noted that the UNSC commercial fleet is not a military unit and instead fulfills the role of a merchant navy.

Known UNSC Fleets[]

Covenant Fleets[]

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Unlike in the UNSC, Covenant Fleets are dominated by larger, more powerful ships. Covenant Frigates are common in smaller Fleets, however, there are usually far more Destroyers and Cruisers suited for glassing and orbital bombardment. Covenant Fleets are essentially self-sustaining Armadas, capable of operating without supply for indefinite periods thanks to their use of Agricultural Support Ships. They are also given different designations, like ships. Covenant Large Fleets typically contain thousands of ships, most of them CCS-class battlecruisers and groups of CAS-class assault carriers.

Smaller groups of Covenant ships are called Task forces.

Known Covenant Fleets[]