The Fleet of Glorious Interdiction was a Covenant fleet in service early on in the Human-Covenant war that was constituted on the orders of the Prophet of Regret.[1]

Service History[edit | edit source]

The fleet was a Sangheili-led force, selected personally by the newly appointed Prophet of Regret when informed about the human threat after the return of Tartarus' ship returned from the human planet Harvest. Regret chose the convicted, and future Arbiter, Ripa 'Moramee to lead the fleet as a Fleet master.[1]

As the Fleet master, Ripa attacked and defeated the humans on various worlds.[1] The ships in the Fleet of Glorious Interdiction were very active in a five-year battle for control of the former human colony of Harvest.[2] Two CCS-class battlecruisers were present in the Battle of Arcadia, where they devastated most of the UNSC defenses over the planet.[3]

Several ships of the fleet were sent to Shield 0459 following its discovery by Covenant forces. After the arrival of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, in pursuit of the vessel carrying Ripa 'Moramee,[4] one ship, the Proclamation's Tithe, intercepted the Spirit inside the Shield World, resulting in short battle between the two.[5]

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