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The Fleet of Particular Justice was a Covenant Fleet led by Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee. This fleet was responsible for: the glassing of at least seven planets, 1 billion total casualties with 23,000 of those casualties being UNSC, and 123 naval vessels.[3] It was one of the Covenant's largest fleets, exceeded in numbers only by the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose and the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity.

Operational History[]


The Fleet of Particular Justice was formed in 2535 during a reorganization of the Covenant military as ordered by the High Prophets against the wishes of the conservative Sangheili fleet commanders.[4]

Battle of Camber[]

Main article: Battle of Camber

The fleet arrived at Camber, some point before the Fall of Reach. They caught local UNSC planetary defenses by surprise and began orbital and ground assaults. 17 ships in the fleet began attacking various important defensive positions around the planet. The Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee, however, lead a personal strike on the Camber System Defense HQ. The 3rd Battalion Reserves engaged but 'Vadamee and his soldiers ultimately killed them off as they hadn't even properly prepared for upcoming combat. Any UNSC ships in orbit were destroyed by the fleet and the planet was eventually glassed.[5]

Other Major Engagements[]

The Fleet of Particular Justice attacked and glassed 6 other planets including: Mesa, Bounty, Estuary, Greydowns, Alluvion, and Kroedis II.[3]

Fall of Reach[]

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Once the Fleet of Valiant Prudence had been mostly destroyed and mostly disabled, a second unknown fleet of at least 19 ships exited Slipspace near Reach to enforce a larger presence on the planet.[6] The Fleet of Particular Justice was the proverbial nail in the coffin for the UNSC defense of Reach. Under the leadership of Thel 'Vadamee, the fleet arrived on August 30 and combined with the remaining forces on the planet. This amassed a huge total of 314 Covenant ships assaulting the remaining UNSC forces. Though the combined fleet succeeded in glassing Reach, it took heavy casualties during the battle, mainly because of the planet's defending Mk. V "Super" MAC-equipped Orbital Defense Platforms and a well-placed nuclear minefield. Over two-thirds of the combined fleet were lost taking the planet.[7]

Battle of Installation 04[]

Main article: Battle of Installation 04
H2A Cutscene CovenantArrivesAtI04

The Fleet of Particular Justice at Installation 04.

After the Fall of Reach, Thel 'Vadamee ordered those closest to his flagship to pursue Pillar of Autumn to Installation 04 while the remaining ships within the fleet were transferred to other parts of the Covenant Navy. The Covenant warships, being naturally faster than human warships, arrived at Halo first and set up a blockade to prevent the humans from landing on the installation. The Prophet of Stewardship forbade the usage of Plasma Torpedoes against the human warship, unless guaranteed direct hits, out of concerns that the Installation might be damaged in the crossfire. 'Vadamee was forced to send boarders to capture and disable the human ship instead. In the battle that followed, the Autumn managed to destroy at least four of the fleet's cruisers and damage several others, including the Truth and Reconciliation.

During the next several days of the Battle of Installation 04, the fleet of Particular Justice remained in orbit around Halo, sending numerous troops down to the surface in an attempt to both learn the secrets of the ring and to eliminate the human presence. The Truth and Reconciliation and the fleet's Agricultural Support Ship Infinite Succor were both hijacked by the Flood and subsequently destroyed to prevent the Flood from escaping Halo.[8] Realizing that the battle on Halo's surface would be lost due to the overwhelming Flood forces, the Covenant Leadership ordered the Fleet of Particular Justice to retreat from Halo.[9] All nearby ships were destroyed when Pillar of Autumn's engines detonated and Installation 04 was destroyed.


H5MB Truth Ships

Simulated ships of the fleet.

In 2558, the UNSC decided to create a simulation of the Battle of Installation 04, but replaced all of the ships in the fleet to newly discovered ships. This was done in order to train new tacticians.[10]


Early Composition[]

The fleet was first composed of about five ships. It quickly grew to about 60 ships.[2]


When the fleet arrived at the Fall of Reach, it recombined with forces there to form a combined fleet of 341 ships.[7]

Simulated Composition[]

In at least one War Games simulation, the fleet is composed of 13 Hekar Taa-pattern fast interdictors, a Carrack merchant cruiser and accompanying Type-57 Phantoms.[11]



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