The Elite Flight Harness of Halo 3.

The Flight Harness is a harness for the Elites. It features a dynamic, recharging Energy Shield and is structurally very similar to the Elite Assault Harness. It bears minimal changes when compared to the Assault Harness, most of which are on the helmet.

Development and History[edit | edit source]

The sealed helmet features a hyper-wave link for cleaner craft interactions and a mouth piece that retains a multi-port for use with older Tarasque-class heavy fighters and Gigas-class fighter-bombers. The more compact deltoid armor has less of an impact on the elite's range of motion in the cramped compartments of subluminal space craft and reduces overall fatigue in multi-phase interdiction missions. The less cumbersome cage utilizes aligned composites to postpone the onset of fatigue and the explicit primary environment multi-port is less restrictive than older helmet multi-port.[1]

It's likely the armor of choice for Sangheili Seraph pilots or Banshee pilots and it is obviously environmentally sealed, in case the wearer must abandon ship or is in a vacuum for any other reason. Its sealed nature would likely help the Sangheili not to inhale any Flood spores when the Flood infest the atmosphere.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Helmet Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Unlock: Complete the Halo 3 Campaign on Heroic or Legendary difficulty.
Eye pieces are thinner, flatter, and are a light-sided blue or cyan instead of yellow and are farther back in the helmet than that of the Assault Harness and Combat Harness variant of armor. The reason of being back farther along the helmet is akin in usage to that of EVA, as it is used in space. It features a pair of joined conspicuous gray circular plates located at the rear of the helmet, and a flexible neck guard, which is most likely vacuum sealed.

Mandible guards are larger, feature bolts, and are fused together with a chin guard. Missing neck rings at the back of the neck. The helmet is more angular and shorter. Missing articulation lights at the back of the helmet by the cheek bone. The helmet has a pyramid shape if viewed from a certain angle.

Shoulder Pauldron Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Unlock: Complete The Ark on Heroic difficulty.
The Shoulder Pauldron is truncated and has a circular device at its center. This may be to reduce drag for flight, and the device may be the power source or the air tank. The Shoulder Pauldrons are similar to the shoulder pauldrons of the Sangheili Ranger.

Thoracic Cage Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Unlock: Complete Tsavo Highway on Heroic difficulty.
The Thoracic Cage features an "I" shaped metal plate with a series of V shaped blue/cyan lights running down its length.

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Sources[edit | edit source]

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