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Flim was an Unggoy stationed on the Rapid Conversion and was taller than an average Unggoy. He suffered from pockmarked skin caused by barnacles. Flim lacked belief in The Great Journey, probably because of lack of intelligence and care about what it is, and he wasn't friendly to Dadab, who felt he disrupted his preaching to other Unggoy on board. When the Harvest Militia attacked the Grunts of the Rapid Conversion (then on the Tiara Orbital above Harvest), Flim was placed in charge of the group defending the control room.

The last confirmed mention of Flim in Halo: Contact Harvest is when Dadab notices him in a firefight outside the control room. However, it is almost certain Flim was either killed by Humans or Yanme'e in the battle. The last surviving Grunt is mentioned to have pitted skin similar to the description of Flim given earlier in the book. This Grunt is impaled by Johnson with its own cutlass after trying to stab Jenkins and puncture Forsell's jugular vein with its teeth.



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