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The Flood Combat Carrier Form is a Flood form only seen in Halo: Spartan Assault's Co-op Missions. It acts identically to a normal combat form except upon death, it releases a large amount of infection forms.


While their upper body looks very similar to that of a normal carrier form, their lower body is more similar to that of a human combat form. Unlike the other human combat forms in the UNSC Tactical Simulator, they have red clothes. Also unlike carrier forms, they retain the arms of their host.


They behave exactly normal combat forms do in the game, however, they seem to prefer to have distance between them and the player. Unlike normal carrier forms, they do not explode until death, upon which they release several infection forms. They can also melee, throw grenades and use weapons, as do the other combat forms in the simulation.


  • Using the battle rifle is a useful tactic, as it is an instant kill.
  • When one is killed by napalm grenades, it releases no infection forms, so use this to your advantage.
  • The shotgun can be used to great effect on these forms, as it is an instant kill, but be careful when approaching because it is likely that it will back away.
  • Never, if you can help it, use the Machine Pistols against it, as although you can kill it with them, a large amount of ammo will be consumed.