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The Flood Infector Form is a Flood Pure Form that was cut from the retail version of Halo 3 and appears only in The Art of Halo 3 book.


Physical Description & Physiology[]

The "Infector" is a three-limbed form that features the ability to regenerate destroyed limbs within ten or so seconds, making it a formidable foe. Their body is very similar in appearances to the Carrier Form, except that the Infector form is designed to shoot out Spores. After they are released, the spores attach themselves to the nearest Human or Covenant vehicle for combat use and link themselves to the Gravemind for further control.


  • It was first seen in The Art of Halo 3, though it was cut from the retail version of Halo 3.
  • The name is not to be confused with the Infection Form, as these two forms have completely different functions.
  • This form was most likely cut because of the Flood's limited appearance on vehicle levels in Halo 3.