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The Flood Transport Form, more commonly known as the Sweeper, was a Flood Pure Form.[1] Unlike the Carrier Form, which carries and incubates Infection Forms, the transport would carry up to six unarmed Combat Forms to any particular destination.

Deleted Material[]

Flood Transport Form is part of the Deleted Material cut from the Halo games.

While developing the Halo games, Bungie, 343 Industries and Ensemble Studios have had to cut some content, such as vehicles, gameplay, and story elements, from the final products. Much of this content has been confirmed by videos and commentary in special edition DVDs, interviews with developers, and released concept art.


Physical Description & Physiology[]

The Sweeper would have had four triple-jointed limbs to move its load of troops around, and featured numerous tentacles to consume or recycle biomass, dead or alive. The Sweeper also boasted a biomass re-processor that converted recently consumed biomass into rapid-growth embryos or Combat Forms.

Biomass Conversion[]

Before the Sweeper, or Transport Form, released its cargo, it would pass four steps, specifically:

  1. The Sweeper would pick up and collect any available biomass with its tentacles, whether an already assimilated Flood entity, or a sentient being.
  2. The biomass was then put inside of the Sweeper, and consumed for internal recycling.
  3. When enough biomass was consumed and processed, the Sweeper's growth pods would begin to form and then proceed to grow within the creature.
  4. The Sweeper would then cough up and shoot the growth pod into the air.