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Flying Half-Jaw is a glitch that can be performed on the Halo 2 level, The Oracle.


This glitch is seen when you first encounter Flood Infection Forms on the level. After Rtas 'Vadum finishes talking with the Heretic Leader's hologram, Infection Forms will come from the upper levels behind the Covenant unit. Whenever an Infection form jumps onto Rtas, he will attempt to kill it using his Energy Sword. After enough Infection Forms attack him, and after he loses his shields, he will fly through the air, seemingly floating, a bizarre response to being attacked by popping Infection Forms. This glitch works with most other AI, although they usually die before they attain much altitude. This glitch works best with Rtas because he is invincible.


  • This is possible with anyone except Brutes and the Flood; other characters will die after being propelled upwards.
  • Such phenomena can also be seen in Halo 2 for Windows Vista when you make yourself unkillable using a modding program such as Gravemind. Let yourself be consumed by the Flood infection forms and you will float up.