The Forerunner Council was the main governing and legislative body of the Forerunner Ecumene. The council governed from Maethrillian and consisted of 500 councilors that represented most, if not every, caste in Forerunner society.[1]

Forerunner Councilors typically served for approximately 1000 years and took vows of abstinence and austerity. This was apparent in the general aesthetic associated with the Council. Their ships and their Domicile residential facilities lacked the luxury and adornment. Councilor domiciles were small and ascetic in design yet managed to reflected the Council's status and power.[2][3] After Faber was stripped of his title as Master Builder, Splendid Dust of Ancient Suns was made First Councilor.[4]

The Battle of the Capital was a major conflict fought in the final years of the Forerunner-Flood war. The conflict took place on and around Maethrillian, the political center of the Forerunners. After the Battle of the Capital ended, the remaining Councilors that have survived, were reconstituted into what was referred to as the "New Council."[5] Soon after the Flood took over the Capital system, the remaining Councilors escaped to the Greater Ark with the Master Juridical. Later, the Flood attacked the Greater Ark and destroyed it. The destruction of the greater Ark also led to the death of the majority of the remaining Forerunners, with only a handful escaping to the lesser Ark to carry out their final mission. It is unknown if the remaining Councilors survived.[6]



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