Forerunner Lifepods are fallen Forerunner pods which give a ten unit population increase bonus to the Covenant and UNSC forces. These raises make the Covenant population rise to 50, or 60 if they have the Followers upgrade. It raises the UNSC population to 40, or 50 if they have the population upgrade, Reinforcements.


  • Increases army size.
  • Increases UNSC population to its highest possibility: 50 units, and Covenant to its highest: 60.
  • Strengthens the units inside due to garrison physics, making defending it easier. In addition, there are two cover areas on either side which further relieve in this task.


Although seemingly advantageous since it is able to support an additional 10 units, the lifepod has downsides to it, as well, which are as follows:

  • The Lifepod is guarded by Rebel Infantry, making it difficult to capture at the start of a game.
  • Once under a player's control, the lifepod may be highly contested among players.
  • Only one lifepod appears in Halo Wars on a single map, making them very rare.
  • Focusing military resources on the lifepod may result in the loss of the player's base due to the lack of adequate defenses. Since the lifepod is not a base, the player will most likely lose the game.


  • The Lifepod only appears on one map in Halo Wars.
  • It is one of the few Forerunner structures not defended by Sentinels. The only other Forerunner structure not protected by Sentinels is the Forerunner Supply Elevator.

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