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Concept art of The Spire of Healing dormant and activated

The Forerunner Spire of Healing, found in Halo Wars, heals any friendly units nearby for the player who controls it in the multiplayer levels Frozen Valley and Barrens.


It is recommended for the player to secure the structure at the beginning of the level. If secured, it will decrease the player's need to construct new units as the structure will constantly heal the unit if attacked. Additionally, it will also save the player resources, as it does the same job that the UNSC leader's Heal and Repair power does, and no resources need be spent on training an Engineer.

It is still advisable to create an Engineer, however, as it can be used to heal other units on the battlefield, allowing for a multi-front attack. It is best to leave a contingent of two Scorpions or three Wraiths to defend it, adding more units as the battle progresses. It can also be used as a launching point for attacks, as it is in the middle of the map and all units will be at full health.

There will also be enemy units trying to heal themselves, so holding this spot is crucial for a victory. There are also allies who will need to use this space occasionally, so it is best to move your units to the side to allow your ally to utilize this hook.

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