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The Forerunner caste system was a system used to rank Forerunners in society.


Castes were divided into several tiers, including Rates, Guilds and other subdivisions.

Position Rate Subdivisions
Highest Builder Builder Security
Second Highest Miner Unknown
Third Highest Lifeworker Unknown
Second Lowest Warrior-Servant Promethean
Lowest Engineer Plasma jockey
Unknown Juridical Unknown


Adolescent Forerunners, known as Manipulars, were not associated with any particular caste. However, upon maturing, each individual Forerunner would be assigned to a rate, mostly in accordance with the rate of their parents. For example, Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting was expected to become a Builder like his father.

Each rate had their own ceremonial headgear, worn only on special occasions. However, on a certain day in the Grand Star Season, every Forerunner wore the same style.[1]




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