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“Referred to as the "Great Anvils" by UNSC personnel deployed to the southwestern peninsula of Requiem's smallest continent, these massive sentinels tower high above the shield world's warm tropical oceans. The geological data acquired from these islands have offered incredible fodder for Infinity Science's forge group, providing diverse and modifiable terrain for the War Games combat simulations.”
— Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description
[citation needed]

Forge Island, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 230-1[1], is a Forge Environment in Halo 4. It was originally meant to be released for download on April 11, 2013, but for unknown reasons was released early, on March 29, 2013. It can be downloaded for free from the Xbox Live Marketplace.[2]


Set within the "Great Anvils," Forge Island features three plateaus, each one different in size (small, medium, and large) sprouting high above a glistening blue ocean. Far off in the distance, massive mountains rise. These three playspaces, the open air around them, and the surface of the water below are to be used by players to create their own custom-made maps in the game's Forge mode. Forge Island features a unique placeable object called the Green Screen, which is essentially a large green rectangle. It is unique to Forge Island and is most likely to be used for Machinima in Halo 4.

Many of the Forge pieces available in Forge Island have been retextured from the pieces that are available on Erosion, Impact, and Ravine, to give a lighter, more plain appearance to them.

Forge Island-only Pieces[]

  • Green Screen - the Green Screen forge piece is a flat light-green screen which can be placed on the canvas.

    Micro Halo - Halo 4 in Real Life (Forge Green Screen Walls)

    Video created using Forge Island Green Screen Walls.

  • Tree 1 - this forge piece is a standard pine tree which can be placed on the canvas.
  • Tree 2 - the 'Tree 2' forge piece is found under the 'Natural' section of the 'Structures' menu, and is a pine tree similar to Tree 1, but taller and wider.
  • Tree 3 - this forge piece is tree forge piece which is taller than Tree 2 and has branches covering only the very top of the tree's bark. It can be found under the 'Natural' section of the 'Structures' menu.
  • Rock 1 - this forge piece is a small boulder, roughly similar in size to the 'Rock Flat' piece from Impact. It can be found under the 'Natural' section of the 'Structures' menu.
  • Rock 2 - this forge piece is a large, flat rock which is roughly quarter the size of the Rock 5 piece. It can be found under the 'Natural' section of the 'Structures' menu.
  • Rock 3 - the Rock 3 forge piece is square-shaped, tall rock piece which has irregular surfaces on all four sides. It can be found under the 'Natural' section of the 'Structures' menu.
  • Rock 4 - this Forge piece is tall spire-like rock which is taller than the Sea Stack forge piece found on Impact. It can be found under the 'Buildings' section of the 'Structures' Menu.
  • Rock 5 - this Forge piece is large, flat rock piece which is similar in height to the Rock 4 forge piece. It can be found under the 'Buildings' section of the 'Structures' Menu.


  • A grid placed at Y (height) coordinate -70,3 (which is underwater) is the lowest possible height at which a Spartan can walk it. A placement of -70,4 is also possible, but the player will die as soon as he or she crouches. Crouching will make the player pass the kill boundary with his or her full body, causing instant death. Players seeking to forge a map using the water should therefore place their grids at -70,3, to make sure no deaths are to be claimed by the guardians.
  • Forge Island has the largest amount of air-space in any official multiplayer map (no mods or glitches used), making it a very free map.
  • One of the islands in the background looks quite similar to where the Silent Cartographer was located on Installation 04.
  • Placing a teleporter inside any of the islands in forge will allow players to forge inside the island, making for more possible play space.
  • If one were to get a respawn point, and enter any area of water on the map while in Editor mode, you will die and respawn in the water, but be careful to float upward immediately after respawning to avoid the absolute bottom Soft Kill boundary. Once one has evaded the kill boundary it is then possible to forge underwater, but be careful to not float too high up in the water to avoid the kill boundary set on the top of the water, and it also very easy to get lost in the low visibility atmosphere.