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Forze 'Mdama was a Sangheili Keep Elder and former Shipmaster during the post-Human-Covenant war era.


He was the elder of Curo Keep in the State of 'Mdama, on Sanghelios. During the Human-Covenant war he held the rank of Shipmaster in the Covenant Navy, however like many Shipmasters he lost his command during the Great Schism. In January 2553 he attended a meeting of 'Mdama Keep Elders with Kaidon Levu 'Mdama and the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam. During the meeting he spoke with his friend, former Shipmaster and fellow Keep Elder Jul 'Mdama regarding the political situation on Sanghelios. They wondered what they would do now that the San'Shyuum had been kicked out. Forze felt that the kaidons would continue to argue for some time over the form of their new council and the location of a global capitol. He remained behind after the meeting concluded and expressed to Jul his opinion that the Sangheili would regret making peace with the humans. Forze decided that he would support Jul, whatever he attempted. He went with Jul to the state of Ontom after the attack on Relon's Keep to seek the aid of the Servants of the Abiding Truth to overthrow the Arbiter. The two of them then pledged their keeps to the Servants' cause. Forze fought in the rebellion against the Arbiter alongside Raia. He was killed aboard the frigate Cleansing Truth when it was shot down by the Arbiter's cruiser, the Swordsman.



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