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Freighter is a classification for interstellar vessels. These ships are neither armed nor well protected, they consist almost entirely of cargo bay space for their transported goods. Many Freighters are operated entirely by computers and managed by planetary AIs, however some are still crewed by humans.[1]

In the UNSC, many freighters are maintained, mostly to move supplies, food, and equipment to and from fringe worlds in the Outer Colonies. Most of these are maintained not by the UNSC Navy, but by the UNSC Department of Commercial Shipping. Some private companies and individuals maintain their own freighters. These ships can also sometimes be armed and used as warships, particularly by militant Rebel factions, such as the Eridanus Rebels.[2]

A common type of freighter is simply a large cargo container attached magnetically to a Propulsion pod which contains the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine and sublight maneuvering systems. These containers can travel up and down space elevator strands, allowing for fast loading and management of cargo. Once on top of the elevator, the propulsion pod is attached to the container, effectively turning it into a slipspace-capable freighter.[3] A colonial high-capacity space tether system can have dozens of propulsion pods and cargo containers operational at a time, all managed by a shipping operations AI. These freighters are mostly automated, and human crews are a rarity. Mail between colonies is often delivered on the freighters' on-board memory.[4]

Known Freighters[]

Laden-class freighters[]

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  • none known by name.

Parabola-class freighters[]

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Container/Propulsion pod configuration[]

Unknown class[]



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