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The Friedens were a fascist Insurrectionist group, started to achieve peace through the destruction of the "oppressors on Terra Firma." They were supported by Unified German Republic corporations, who were frequent targets of Koslovic "workers' crusades." "Frieden" literally means "peace" in German—in this case.[1]



The Frieden movement coalesced from rising anti-Koslovic sentiment in the Jovian Moons[1] in the city of Katreus, Europa. In 2158, the Friedens bombed an embassy in Thynia, Europa. This prompted the UN to label them a terrorist organization.[4]

Escalating Conflicts[]

In 2160, they attacked UN Colonial Advisors on Io. This eventually led to the Jovian Moons campaign where Frieden, United Nations,[1] and the Koslovics.[4] The Friedens would also fight both other factions would fight again in the Rainforest Wars in 2162.[1]

Continuing Loses[]

Following the Rainforest Wars, the Friedens began to devolve into civil war. The new Neo-Friedens didn't agree with the more conservative side of the Friedens. The two factions would fight each other at the Battle of Delambre.[6] In the November 2163, the Friedens would be dealt another blow. Their leader Nadja Mielke would be killed on her way to a command center in Pelagon, Europa. In December of that year, the Friedens would go on to assault and destroy the Martian Koslovic city of Argyre Planitia.[2]

Interplanetary War[]

Main article: Interplanetary War

In 2164, the Interplanetary War began. The UN would destroy the Friedens on Earth.[1] The last of the Friedens would fight under Oscar Bauer in the war. In 2169, very little of the movement remained.[3] The remnants of the Friedens would surrender to the UN in 2170 with the signing of the Callisto Treaty.[5]


The Friedens had weapons caches and bases on Europa, Io, Callisto, and Ganymede.[3]


Frieden is German for 'peace'.


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