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Alice must defend against the Banished as they assault her rag-tag band of survivors.

From the Deep is the seventh level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign.


While the Spirit of Fire is under attack from the Enduring Conviction, Spartan Alice-130 remains on the Ark and has set up a new HQ with a defensive perimeter in order to defend the last portal controller on the installation. The Banished launch and strong and lengthy attack on Alice and her ground force, starting from the beach with some Spirit Dropships deploying light infantry and light vehicles such as Ghosts coming from other directions. These are easily defeated by the UNSC as they continue to build up a larger presence around the portal controller.

The attacks grow more and more powerful and The Banished begin sending in more deadly vehicles such as Locusts, Wraiths, and Banshees. Eventually, The Banished send in a Scarab to attack Alice's HQ, but it is destroyed by her and the rest of her ground force after a long battle. Atriox appears to have given up trying to gain control of the last portal controller, and Alice's mission is deemed a success. Despite the Spirit of Fire still being under attack, Isabel advises her to stay at the HQ as they may need her help in a nearby location soon.


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Icon Name Description Value
HW2 AchievementArt BehindEnemyLines Behind enemy lines Completed From the Deep 10G


  • The entire mission takes place in a recycled area from the multiplayer map Frontier.