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Even the dullest blade can cut, if wielded by a hand strengthened with hatred. Improved Storm Rifle with augmented heat dissipation and better accuracy.
— Description[1]

Fury is a special variant of the Type-55 Directed Energy Rifle/Advanced produced by Lodam Armory. It features improved heat dissipation to allow for longer sustained fire before it overheats, and also has increased accuracy over the standard model.[1]

Service History[]

The weapon was created as one of several experimental variants of the Type-55 Directed Energy Rifle/Advanced in the decades of use before it was fully cataloged by the UNSC. Its manufacturer, Lodam Armory had intended for the Storm Rifle line to become the ubiquitous replacement to the standard Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle, utilized by the Covenant.



The Fury is an Uncommon-tier REQ available at level 2 energy.

Changes from the Type-55 Storm Rifle[]

  • Does not overheat as fast.


“Since long before recorded history, the Sangheili have given names to weapons that shared in their victories and sacrifices, imbuing their tools of war with honor that could be shared as gifts, freely given as oath-tokens, or used as immutable storehouses of glory to be passed to righteous descendants. Etchings and scars commemorate past trials and serve as reminders and tallies of accumulated distinction, attesting to elaborate sobriquets that separate simple weapons from arms of legend.

For all of its refinement and advanced technology, Fury is not fated to be passed down as an exalted Storm Rifle gifted to promising young warriors or kept polished in a Kaidon’s collection. In these unsettled times, the line between a tool of slaughter and instruments of peace is often imperceptible. Fury’s creator was an artisan of sublime genius and skill, though he eventually shunned his family’s traditional ties with Lodam Armory to perfect the art of the kill and the craftsmanship of orbital assaults. In time, the artisan’s behavior became impossible to restrain or control, and his eyes became clouded in madness. His name, his titles, and the story of his death was stricken from Covenant records, and only his personal sidearm returned to his home in Kaepra, on Sanghelios, wrapped in linen and sealed with sigils known only to the highest ranking Zealots.

Clad in an immutable shell and seething with power that hinted at heretical modifications, Fury quickly passed into the hands of foolhardy Kaepra warriors who sought to use its power to advance their interests. Some found glory, others death, but all burned brightly… for a time.”


  • The markings on its casing are a curse aimed at any who might wield the weapon without having previously killed.[3]