Payback time. Make it hurt, guys!
— Condor Gunship pilot

The Gunship 81 Heavy Gunship,[5] abbreviated G81 Heavy Gunship, or more commonly known as the Condor Gunship or Condor Warship, is a special variant of the D81-LRT Condor.

Class HistoryEdit

The G81 Heavy Gunship was developed by Isabel and Ellen Anders. Its first use was on Installation 09 where it fought waves of Banished.[2]


The Condor Gunship is actually a repurposing of the standard D81 Condor, fitted with various heavy armaments. Despite breaking a few regulations when it comes to heavy armament in the UNSC, the effectiveness of the Condor Gunship has been proven. While rather slow-moving when compared to other UNSC aircraft, it is very powerful due to its multiple pulse laser turrets and light MAC cannon.[5]


Halo Wars 2Edit


The G81 can be deployed by any leader when sufficient power has been achieved. The Condor is only briefly deployed.

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Power: 300


The G81 is the Ultimate unit for all UNSC leaders. A total of two can built at a time by default.

  • Resources: 2000
  • Minimum Tech Level: 3
  • Population Count: 40
  • Power: 2000




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