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The GBU-1105 1500 lb Guided Bomb Unit, also known as a cryo bomb, is a UNSC bomb which is used to freeze a small area of the battlefield. It is employed by aircraft such as the Shortsword Bomber.[1]


The Cryo Bomb is a support strike for the UNSC in Halo Wars, similar to MAC strikes and Carpet bombing, but is capable of freezing a small area and destroying or doing great damage to air vehicles in particular. The cryo bomb freezes even Scarabs in their tracks and renders them weak to fire, allowing them to be shattered.[2] Although the cryo bomb may freeze ground units, its best effect is that most air units caught in the blast will freeze and crash into the ground instantly; however, a Vulture can maintain flight but will stay low to the ground and acts as a ground unit until the effect wears off, unless it has taken sufficient damage prior to the cryo bomb's impact, in which case the unit is destroyed.[3] If a production building like a Barracks or Supply Pad is caught within the cryo bomb's range, the building will cease production for the period of time, or in the Supply Pad's case, stops incoming supplies from reaching the enemy. It can be requested only if Ellen Anders is the selected Leader. The Cryo bomb can be enhanced 3 times from the Field Armory to make its effect last longer and to increase the number of air units capable of being destroyed. The Cryo bomb is best used when a player wants to freeze his/her opponent's Uber Units, which is either a Scarab or Vulture. This leader power must be backed up with troops because unless the units are heavily damaged or aircraft, this attack will not kill them.


  • The Cryo bomb is very helpful in stalling troops, giving the player time to build, repair or strengthen their army while also inflicting serious harm on air units and leaving other troops vulnerable to attack.
  • Also it is best to use the Cryo bomb while you have a primarily vehicle based army as they are most at risk from aircraft and so it will easily save your vehicles from destruction.
  • Bases hit with the Cryo bomb will cease production whether building units, researching upgrades or gathering supplies, it will stop all together until the Cryo bomb wears off.