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Spartan Gabriel Thorne[2] (SN: 83920-91083-GT)[3] is a Spartan-IV member of Fireteam Majestic and a main protagonist of the Spartan Ops series in Halo 4.


Early life[]

Thorne was born and raised in New Phoenix, Earth. Both his parents were officers in the Army and were killed on Alluvion. At a young age, he enlisted in the UNSC Army.

Army career[]

During the Battle of Criterion, Thorne single-handedly saved his platoon from destruction. He was stationed in the Epsilon Eridani system in 2552, when the Covenant attacked. Thorne fought during both the Fall of Reach and, after that, the Battle of Tribute. After both worlds were glassed, Thorne, along with most UNSC forces, was redeployed to the Sol system. There he fought under Colonel Ackerson at Mars until the end of the war.[3]

Early Spartan Career[]

Thorne did not join Fireteam Majestic until they were deployed to the UNSC Infinity six months after the New Phoenix Incident. Here, teammate Grant questioned Thorne on the loss of his close friends following the Ur-Didact's attack. She then realized that she accidentally offended him, but Thorne assured her it was okay.

Fireteam Majestic then arrived on UNSC Infinity, where upon disembarking, they are greeted by the ship's AI, Roland, who ordered them to line up and wait for an escort. After Majestic commander, Paul DeMarco, attempted a pass at Commander Sarah Palmer, leader of Infinity's Spartans, before being informed of her identity, Palmer showed Majestic around the ship. Afterwards, Majestic received their Spartan armor as Infinity exits Slipspace, beginning the Second Battle of Requiem.[4]

Second Battle of Requiem[]

Majestic was deployed via Pelican to Requiem and engaged Promethean drones. Anthony Madsen got hit in the shoulder, causing Carlo Hoya to break cover and recklessly shoot at any Promethean in sight before a Promethean Knight jumped him. Majestic managed to return to Infinity to treat their wounded. Thorne then noticed a scientific team moving a Forerunner artifact acquired by Fireteam Crimson, which spontaneously activated and caused a disruption in the ship's systems, including loss of gravity. Palmer managed to shut it down by simply kicking it, restoring Infinity's systems to normal. As the device sealed itself to the deck like glue, Dr. Henry Glassman attempted to study it, only to be accidentally absorbed into it.[5]

Captain Thomas Lasky brought in Catherine Halsey to determine what the artifact was.[6] Thorne later volunteered to guard her while she was performing her study. Out of curiosity, he questioned her regarding the use of children in the SPARTAN-II Program. The doctor defended that there were many reasons behind her questionable actions. Thorne asked if she was implying that the Spartan-IVs were not worthy of the title. Halsey responds that some of them are closer than others.

Halsey then changed the subject, asking Thorne why he became a Spartan. The latter admitted that he enlisted in the program to stop incidents like New Phoenix from happening again. Halsey points out that he's here on Requiem, shooting at Prometheans, and reminds him of the Greek myth of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity. Though Halsey suggested that the Prometheans have so much to offer, Thorne disagreed, viewing the Prometheans as murderous Forerunner AIs.[7]

Majestic was later redeployed to Requiem to retrieve a package called "the Didact's Gift." Unfortunately, they are pinned down by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant aerial forces. Though DeMarco planned on taking off, Madsen stopped him, knowing that they'd be shot down. Thorne passed the package to Hoya as he hijacked a Banshee and destroys a Phantom to allow his team to escape.[8]

They then return to Infinity so Halsey could analyze the package, noting its similarity to an AI matrix. Suddenly, it emitted a burst of orange light, projecting images of New Phoenix on the monitors. Halsey determines that these are human memories and confronts Lasky. The Captain admitted that the UNSC has been aware that the Prometheans are ancient humans transformed into AIs by the Forerunners. Halsey corrected that this Promethean once lived in New Phoenix. As Lasky expressed confusion as to how these memories got to Requiem, Thorne noticed an image of the artifact and left the room. After Lasky and Palmer arrested Halsey for withholding information, Thorne later entered the room containing the artifact. Without even thinking, he touched it and was absorbed by it and is transported to Requiem just like Glassman.[9] Upon arrival, he is surrounded by a host of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Thorne fights against the Sangheili but he is ultimately rendered unconscious from a blow to the head. He woke up to find himself being dragged by two Sangheili before deciding to play possum. As they distract themselves by catching an escaping Glassman, Thorne took the opportunity to relieve a Sangheili of his Storm Rifle before using it to kill them both. Unfortunately, a host of Sangheili started charging towards them with Glassman's explosive vest being remotely armed. Thorne managed to tear the vest off Glassman and threw it at the Covenant as they managed to clear the explosion. The Sangheili Shipmaster Jul 'Mdama then ordered his assassin, Gek 'Lhar, to hunt down Glassman and Thorne.[10]

The two made their way back to Galileo Base. As they took a short rest, Gek ambushes them. Thorne fights hand-to-hand against his opponent. After knocking him down, he attempted to use a rock to crush Gek, but the Sangheili turned the tables and slammed the rock on Thorne's chest, knocking the wind out of him. As Gek grasped his energy sword to finish off the Spartan, Majestic appeared and shot him in the back, killing him. They then looted his body. DeMarco took the energy sword, Thorne acquired the cloaking device while Madsen found a holographic map.[11]

As a Pelican landed to bring Glassman back to Infinity, Captain Lasky contacted Majestic via hologram, ordering them to rescue Halsey, who had been taken by the Covenant and has a kill order placed on her by Admiral Serin Osman. Returning to the Librarian shrine, Thorne got the guards' attention, before Majestic opened fire from the high ground. DeMarco ordered Thorne to proceed inside and rescue Halsey. He catches Jul 'Mdama off guard and killed his bodyguards. As Jul grabbed Halsey, she passed him one half of the Janus Key given to her by the Librarian. As Palmer turned up, Jul summoned Promethean Knights to cover his escape. By the time the Spartans managed to destroy the Knights, Jul teleported away, with Halsey in tow. After yelling in frustration, Palmer demanded to know why Majestic is here. DeMarco explained that they're on a rescue mission, Palmer retorted that Halsey is a traitor. However, Thorne didn't believe so as he shows the Commander his half of the Key.[12]

Majestic, along with Palmer, readied to find a Forerunner artifact identical to the one on Infinity, while Fireteam Crimson went after a second one; if the artifacts were deactivated would free the ship from the slipspace anchor. Their mission soon became of utmost priority, as Jul set Requiem to collide with the sun and the Covenant began vacating the planet.[13] After fighting their way past the Covenant guards, Thorne deactivated the artifact. The Spartans then quickly returned to Infinity, which then jumped into slipspace to evade the resulting supernova.

Pilgrims Pride[]

Following the events on Requiem, DeMarco transferred to Fireteam Bailey, leaving Thorne in command of Majestic. Subsequently, DeMarco is KIA during the Battle of Ealen IV. A very upset Madsen (due to DeMarco’s death) lashes out in a fit of rage, beating Thorne in a sparring match. Not long after, Thorne, Fireteam Majestic, and 2 other fireteams were dispatched to stop the freighter, Pilgrims' Pride, from self-destructing, and to recover the detected life forms on board. In addition numerous enemy fighters had joined the fight after launching from the freighter. While Thorne and the other fireteams were on board, they were unable to retrieve anyone from the badly damaged freighter, due to the crew abandoning ship just as the Spartans arrived. Though all the fireteams were ordered to fallback to safety, Thorne and Fireteam Majestic stayed behind and were able to stop part of the ship from being destroyed by ejecting it’s core out into space. Instead of going down with the Ship, Thorne and Fireteam Majestic survived by isolating the detonation of the ship, and were soon recovered, along with the freighter’s wreckage. After the battle the fireteams were informed that the fighters had once been apart of the long lost UNSC Spirit of Fire.[14]

Infinity extracts the data and determines that their attackers originated in a Jiralhanae-controlled system. Palmer and Majestic deployed on Booster Frames and discover a Covenant battlestation, manned by Captain Daniel Clayton, an Insurrectionist, and Vata 'Gajat, who were responsible for the attack on Ealen IV. All these attacks were just a ruse to lure Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood, whom Clayton held responsible for the loss of his father James Cutter, to him. After Clayton fires the station's glassing cannon, shooting a hole in Infinity, Palmer and Majestic took their cue to board the station while the glassing cannon was recharging. After capturing all the Insurrectionists, Palmer then turned the glassing cannon on 'Gajat's frigate, destroying it.

Return to Earth[]

On March 24, 2558, Thorne returned to his home city of New Phoenix following the quarantine lift. Since Infinity was back in port for repairs having nothing better to do Thorne went with Grant to visit his home. After listening to the reopening speech made by UEG President Ruth Charet, Thorne returns to his grandmother's house to find what was left. Thorne finds his grandma's violin on the ground outside and figures that the last place she was before she was composed. Thorne wanted to forget everything and leave, but Grant convinced him to stay and cherish the memories of having a home to return to, an action Grant herself cannot as Arcadia had fallen years ago. Gabriel played his grandmother's violin in remembrance of his lost family members.

Three weeks later, Infinity was repaired and Thorne thanked Grant for her support.[15]