With the presence of numerous hostile entities on Requiem, ONI rigidly enforces a ‘Persistent Field Resilience’ mandate requiring that all science detachments (1) maintain onsite weapon caches, (2) optimize the site’s layout to meet ONI spec for defensive emergencies, and (3) retain an escort of well-trained military personnel.

Galileo Base was one of several UNSC research facilities established on Requiem to study the planet. It is located on the northeast coastline of the planet's largest continent.[3]


Second Battle of RequiemEdit

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At some point during the battle, the base came under attack by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Fireteam Crimson helped local Marines to clear out Covenant forces and Banshees while destroying three power cores that were connected to computers with sensitive data, to prevent the information from falling into the Covenants hands. Two defensive turrets were activated to lockdown the base. The base was cleared.[2]

Later in the battle, the Covenant attacked the facility again in order to retrieve the "Didact's Gift." Fireteam Crimson helped restore four AA missile batteries that would shoot down several Phantoms. Crimson as well had to restore a mini reactor. Prometheans then assisted Covenant forces still assaulting the base. They defended the base until Fireteam Majestic moved the Didact's Gift to safety on board UNSC Infinity.[1]

The base was later destroyed when Requiem was pulled into its star.

Currently, its legacy lives on through Infinity's War Games simulation as War Games Map_Set/: 615-3[3] or Complex.

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