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Gao, known to the Forerunners as Edod was an independent outer colony world located in the Cordoba system.


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In 2553, the UNSC descended upon the Montero Cave System. They declared the cave system restricted. Casualties were mounting due to these efforts, which in turned fueled a silent coup against the Gao Republic from the Gao Minister of Protection Arlo Casille. The presence of the UNSC also disrupted trade in the nearby Orso system.[3]


Main article: Battle of Gao


The official government of Gao was the Gao Republic.[4][5]


The military actions of Gao and her Republic appear to have been given to two different ministries: the Gao Ministry of Protection[6] and the Gao Ministry of War.[7]

Physical Aspects[]


  • Founder’s District
    • Rinale
      • People’s Palace
  • Campos Wilderness District
    • Wendosa
      • Hotel Wendosa
    • Montero Vitality Center
    • Montero Cave System
    • Montero Jungle
    • Vermillion River


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