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Gek 'Lhar[1] was a Sangheili member of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant who fought and died in the Second Battle of Requiem at the hands of Fireteam Majestic


Born on the island of Alytocs, just off the northern shores of Kaepra, the Sangheili Field Commander known as Gek 'Lhar served for decades during the Covenant's campaign against the humans, only to watch the military powerhouse crushed under the weight of the Great Schism.[1]

In 2555 and a few year after Gek was working as leader of a salvager crew under Jul 'Mdama orders.[2] He used a Covenant war-freighter to scavenge for loot, but his main modus operandi was tagging other salvagers, wait for them to secure a payload, and then strike, his pursues were foucused in securing heavy weapons and ships. In one of his last missions as a salvager, in the year of 2557 he cross-paths and engage in combat with Capitan Lucy Forge and the crew of Ace of Spades. In their last batlle as Gek mortally wounded one of the crew members the capitan shot him in the face damaging his left eye, leaving it completely white and with a scar around it.

In 2558 Gek greeted Jul 'Mdama at the shrine of the The Librarian. Jul had brought Henry Glassman who offered assistance for his life. Gek was given the task of guarding Glassman as he worked. Gek was told that the assault on Galileo Base was a diversion to the Humans. He was later ordered to pursue Dr. Glassman and Spartan Gabriel Thorne after the former escaped. After catching up to the two humans and engaging Thorne in combat, he was shot and killed by Paul DeMarco.[3]


'Lhar was an enthusiastic warrior within the Covenant, with his service to Jul 'Mdama (and, by proxy, the Didact's cause) being unwavering and incredibly fervent, only matched by his disdain of humans.[1]

He wore eleven human dog tags on his left shoulder as battle trophies, some of which belonged to Spartans.