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This sanctuary now rings with the sound of combat - the end of the ancient duality of the Covenant is truly at hand.
— In-game description

Gemini, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 840-5,[1] is a Halo 2 multiplayer map added in the Maptacular Pack. It is set on High Charity and is one of the smallest Halo 2 maps.


Gemini consists of a closed-quarter outside area and an open-inside area. Teleporters can warp players up to two small balconies on the top of the inner area. Another teleporter warps players to the outside and back. There is a wide array of weapons from close ranged Brute Shots and the Energy Sword, to Carbines and a Beam Rifle. An Overshield can be found in front of the Prophet statue.

One of Gemini's unique features are doors that open and close when a player gets close.


  • Lower Level
  • Upper Level
  • Walkway


  • The use of the word "duality" in the description is a reference to the Duality level from the Marathon series.
  • Outside looking down over the edge of the platform, it is possible to get below the level and explore the city.[2]
  • Gemini is the only multiplayer level in the Halo Trilogy in which you can see the Forerunner dreadnought.