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General is the highest rank of commissioned officer in the UNSC Marine Corps, and the second highest in the UNSC Army and UNSC Air Force. A General is equal in rank to an Admiral in the UNSC Navy and a Sangheili General or Field Master in the Covenant.

Generals command major areas of responsibility and hold some of the highest of military positions in the UNSC Defense Force.

Though it is the highest rank in the UNSC Marine Corps, General is subordinate to Fleet Admiral, General of the Army, and General of the Air Force in the UNSC Navy, Army, and Air Force, respectively, when officers of this rank exist.


While General is a rank of its own, the title "General" is often used to refer to any of the general-grade officer ranks of the UNSC Marine Corps, Air Force and Army:

Due to the ambiguity of the title "General," Generals are often known as a "Four Star General" or "Full General" to distinguish it from subordinate ranks of General. The term "Four Star General" comes from the rank insignia worn on the uniform.

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