Georgi Baklanov was a smuggler who established an operation on Venezia at the end of the Human-Covenant War. Baklanov owned an orbital depot named Uashon Station, as well as ran the Trattoria Georgi bar in New Tyne, where smugglers from across the galaxy met up to arrange deals.


By late 2553 Baklanov's power and reputation on the planet had swelled, and gunrunners were forced to acknowledge his power over them while operating on Venezia. On 12 December 2553 an ONI operation took place in which Ferret Team took the guise of wanted fugitives in need of a trade-off with Ross Nyeto, one of Baklanov's bar patrons. As planned, Frederic-104 and Kelly-087 made their way out in the open to the bar, forcing Baklanov to close up and throw all his customers out as his staff armed themselves for a confrontation. When Ferret Team and Nyeto's gang tried to break open a wall to escape through, Baklanov tried to take all eight of them hostage in the hopes he would be spared for handing them over. Blue Team's attack prevented this from happening, and Baklanov and Nyeto's bodyguards were killed in the bar as Ferret Team escaped.[1]


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