Ghost Jumping is a very easy-to-learn skill. It is plainly using the Ghost to ride over a ramp to reach a high altitude. You can reach higher altitudes from a Ghost by getting out of the Ghost while in mid-air. Also, by holding the "jump" button, you engage the air-brake and raise the nose, making you go higher still.

To maximize this, you should boost until you're behind the jump-area. If you continue right until you reach where you want to jump, then you will pass over it, which is usually not advised. Therefore, be careful when using the boost.

There is also a glitch in Halo 3, which many people refer to as a ghost jump, because you are seemigly jumping out of mid-air.

Tactics Edit

  • This can be used to splatter opponents more easily, but it makes steering harder.
  • A good way for executing this is to go over a ramp and when you do so, hold down the jump button to reach maximum height.