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Glacial Ravine is a 3v3 map for Halo Wars, included in the Historic Battle map pack.[1]


It has two large sections of the map separated by a small mountain range. The only way for ground troops to get to the other side of the map (where your opponent spawns) is by passing a small opening in the middle of the mountain range which is fortified by shield walls in which troops can be garrisoned.

Each side of the map has three areas for the player's bases, and four Rebel controlled base outlets. Aircraft are very useful on this map, as they can simply fly over the mountain range, bypassing the central choke point completely.


  • If your enemy controls the choke point at the middle of the map, air units and Scarabs can bypass the centre all together and go right over the sides of the mountains. Also, Brutes with jump packs can jump over the shield walls at the centre.
  • Make use of the Sentinel factories, Super-Sentinels will disable vehicles and infantry for short periods. But they do not engage aircraft so have escorts with them.
  • Elephants deployed near the centre choke point will allow for quick reinforcement and can possibly change the tide of the battle or cause enough resistance for more reinforcements from bases to arrive.
  • The pelican transport is good for quickly evacuating bases that have been lost. Slower units take time to cross the large distances between bases.
  • Covenant leaders are even more useful if you can get one behind enemy lines. Gravity lifts at bases allows units to be transported directly to the leader.
  • ODST's are one of the most annoying units that can be used on your enemies. Drop them behind the army to put some disarray into their ranks.
  • The Prophet of Regrets final unit upgrade turns him into a flying unit, allowing him to fly over the mountains as well.


  • This map and Repository are the only maps to feature Sentinel Factories.
  • Originally, this map wasn't going to be included in the Historic Battle map pack. Due to a lack of 3v3 maps, however, Robot Entertainment decided to place it in the map pack.[2]
  • Frozen Valley was used as the base map for Glacial Ravine. Hence, the two maps are very similar.[2]
  • It is the first map to feature two Neutral factions.