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Glacier is a Firefight map in Halo: Reach.[1] The map is set in an underground cave featuring a Forerunner structure. It is taken from an area in the campaign when you defend the outside area of Dr Halsey's lab on the Campaign level, The Package.

For the first month after Halo: Reach's release this map was not available in any Firefight matchmaking playlist and could only be played through the Firefight option on the main menu. However this map was made available for all Firefight Matchmaking modes in the October 19th update.[2]

This is one of the harder maps of Firefight and is best played with at least 2 people. All classes may be present here including the Wraith. Although there is a notable absence of the higher ranking Jiralhanae.


The following are locations on the map that was seen from the player's Heads-up display.

  • Back Door
  • Base
  • Rampart
  • Hillside
  • Upper Pass
  • Central Pass
  • Lower Pass
  • Far Bridge
  • Near Bridge
  • Outpost
  • Landing


  • As of the October 2010 Update part 2, Glacier will be added into the Firefight Matchmaking and Score Attack Playlists.
  • There is a rock behind the "Back Door" spawn, where, when standing on it, says that you are "Out of Bounds..." instead of "OUT OF BOUNDS," and will not display a Return to Battlefield timer.
  • If you go too far to the left of your starting spawn point you will encounter a large hole in the ground, which will kill you if you fall into it.
  • Glacier bears some resemblance to the Star Wars ice planet, Rhen Var. Both contain ruins of a past civilization surrounded by small isolated military outposts.
  • It is impossible to get on top of the small hills, they are out of the battlefield.
  • Instead of Ordnance weapons dropping in resupply canisters, they will be mounted on walls where the Wolf Spider Turrets are in the campaign, and they will also sometimes spawn on pillars near Dr Halsey's Lab. There are also more of them than other maps, spawning 3 in single player instead of the two on other maps.
  • Above the covered ramp just outside the spawn, there is a large column with a slanted top. This slant is not steep enough to slip down, yet is still inside the map boundaries, making it a very effective camping spot if one has a jetpack and a sniper rifle.