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The Gladius-class corvette was a corvette classification used within the UNSC Navy.

Class History[]

Gladius-class ships were assigned to Battle Groups within the Inner colonies.[1]

Human-Covenant war[]

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Like other corvette classes, the Gladius-class was so severely outgunned by Covenant Starships, that ships of the class rarely participated in frontline engagements.[1]


One Gladius-class corvette, the UNSC Sagan Blue fought two Kig-Yar DAS-class storm cutters, the Mark of Prophecy and Divine Breath near New Carthage in 2554.[2]


Gladius-class ships are extremely small, with a length of only 243m and a mass of only 36,000 metric tons. They were equipped with Slipspace engines.[1]


The Gladius-class is lightly armed in comparison to other UNSC and Covenant ships. They come equipped with one 20DA1C2 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, two M58 Archer Missile pods, and six M870 Rampart point defense guns.[1]


Ships of this class only require 15 personnel to operate.[1]

Ships of the Line[]

  • UNSC Gladius (Lead ship)
  • UNSC Sagan Blue - Last seen in fight with the two Kig-Yar ships.