This trick only works in Halo 2.

This is done with two Spartans that both have Sniper Rifles or Beam Rifles (but only a gold Sniper Rifle will appear on the screen).

Have one Spartan zoom at your face plate and visor, then walk a little to the side of the other Spartan. Then shoot his face plate. The sniper will then look gold. This is done best at the top of the Battle Rifle tower in Lockout (Halo 2 multiplayer).

Also try:

  1. You and someone else stand on the top of the Battle rifle tower on Lockout.
  2. Stand on a wall while your friend is squatting against the other corner, opposite.
  3. Aim at their head.
  4. Jump and land in the front-right corner (If you were looking from the sniper tower).
  5. Shoot the squatting persons head with a no-scope.

This may take a few tries. It may also make the sniper other colors.

Note: You will have to do these operations consecutively.

Also, the color may change because the faceplate is gold and just like the Giant Player Model, the game thinks that it is a different bitmap or color, so it changes.

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